COVID-Precautions for Worship

On September 13th, we’ll be re-entering the sanctuary for worship at 11am, and the worship ministry group, under the direction of the deacons, has put together a plan for us to re-enter the sanctuary for worship as safely as possible. Here are the basic guidelines:


  1. We’ll use only TWO entrances: The FRONT DOORS facing Union Rd, and the CENTER DOORS on the Adult Sunday School side of the building.  Do NOT enter on the children side or the other doors. 

  2.  Deacons will be at the entrances to quickly take your temperature with a no-contact thermometer, ask you a few questions about COVID-19 exposure, and make sure everyone is wearing a mask.  Masks are REQUIRED indoors. 

  3. From there, congregants using the Front Doors will enter the sanctuary through the narthex doors.  Congregants using the Sunday School doors will enter the sanctuary through the doors to the right of the narthex. 

  4. You may pick up a bulletin and put your offering in an offering box inside the two available entrances. 

  5. There will be deacons inside the sanctuary to guide congregants to the available seats, knowing that certain pews will be marked off to secure safe-distancing.  Do NOT expect to sit in your “normal” pew.  

  6. The service will be short, about 30 minutes, to decrease the risk of spread through air circulation. 

  7. There will be organ and special music, but NO congregational singing

  8. Following the service, deacons will dismiss the congregation by rows through the two available exits to deter bunching and gathering. 

  9. PLEASE do NOT congregate close to other households in the building. 

  10. Children can be dropped off at the outdoor playground for a lesson and playtime with Sunday School teachers. School age children and adults will wear masks at this time. 


I know these limitations can sound distracting and frustrating, but they are a part of returning to our worship space while respecting the health and safety of our congregation. Thank you so much for demonstrating your care for one another by following these guidelines!