COVID Precautions

Masks are optional for in-person events, including Sunday School and Sunday Worship in the sanctuary.  There is plenty of room in our facility to sit at a safe distance. We encourage those who are unvaccinated or feel more comfortable wearing a mask to do so. We also offer online streaming of Sunday School, Sunday Worship, and Wednesday Night Prayer Meetings. It’s a blessing that we’ve grown our ministry in this way!


In light of changes in CDC guidelines and government orders, and because large majority of our adult congregation is vaccinated, the Deacons have voted to change our COVID-19 protocols to "mask optional". The pandemic is not over.  While we must continue to gather with care for one another, we have made great strides to allow us to worship and fellowship safely. Of course, Christ’s Church has always sought to gather with care for one another no matter the circumstances! We continue to review and change our protocols to match new knowledge about COVID and with our best discernment of God’s wisdom.  And as we make these changes, let’s remember Jesus’ great commandment to love one another. We respond with kindness and compassion to all our brothers and sisters as we discern our own paths through this pandemic. 

Finance and Deacons Meetings are both in-person in the fellowship hall and on ZOOM.